What is the best tool for cross browser testing?

Spoon.net is the best free tool for cross browser testing! Spoon.net offers Microsoft Internet Explorer (6, 7 & 8), Mozilla Firefox (2,3 & 3.5), Apple Safari (3 & 4) and Google Chrome from the cloud. To stay up to date with the collection of browsers they offer, check:  Spoon.net/Browsers.You only have to download the Spoon plugin to enable you to test your applications in the browsers offered from the spoon.net server. The plugin enables you to run all these browsers as SaaS, so you do not have to install them on your system. If you would like to have even more browsers in more OSs available for testing your websites, you can even run your own spoon server, which is also free to download. As spoon offers fully functional browsers, it can actual be used as a testing tool for JavaScript developers. The many multi-browser screenshot services available on-line are nice for graphic designers who like to check what website looks like in different browsers. Web developers would most definitely prefer to use the browsers offered by Spoon as the cross browser testing tool.

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