How to use Rel=”author” and Rel=”publisher” for SEO?

In my post “How to use authorship for SEO?” I poitned out the importance of claiming authorship of your content. In the article ‘Wake Up SEOs, the New Google is Here’ on the same thing is stated. Google’s Matt Cutts (see the video below) also indicates that claiming authorship will help your SEO efforts.

Google introduced the concepts of Author and Publisher and, even more important, Google linked them to the Google Profiles and is pushing Google Plus, which is not just another Social Media, but what Google aims to be in the future: a social search engine.

Rel=”author” and Rel=”publisher” are the solution Google is adopting in order to better control, within other things, the spam pollution of the SERPs.

If you are a blogger, you will be incentivized in marking your content with Author and link it to your G+ Profile, and as a Site, you are incentivized to create your G+ Business page and to promote it with a badge on you site that has the rel=”publisher” in its code.


source: Coding Strategist

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